Bengaluru division utilizes the Availability of NMG rakes to increase Revenue

Business Development Unit, Bengaluru division of South Western Railway has effectively marketed the NMG rakes to various Industrial units, APMCs, Transporters, Traders, Merchants, and Aggregators and offered NMG rakes as a Convenient, Speedy, and Safer transportation solution for Transportation of Miscellaneous goods from Bengaluru to various parts of the country.

In addition to capturing Automobile traffic in a big way, the Newly Modified Goods (NMG) rakes have helped the division in capturing additional mixed Parcel traffic business which is the domain area of Road transport.

NMG Rake New Modified Goods Wagon
Representative Image: View of a NMG (New Modified Goods) Rake

Last month, Bengaluru Division had loaded 5 NMG rakes carrying a Mixed Parcel load to various destinations across the country. SWR has already created the required infrastructure in the shape of loading Ramps, Platforms, Lightings, etc at Penukonda and Dodballapur in the Bengaluru division to help the new business stream.

Some of the commodities being transported through the NMG rakes are Tires, Empty drums, Medical equipments, FMCG goods, Hatching eggs, Textile, and other mixed commodities.

“We expect to load about 30 to 50 such rakes in 2021. This is a new stream of traffic that has great potential and is substantially helped by the induction of new rakes for which various workshops of Indian Railways have done commendable work. Every rake gives revenue of approximately Rs. 12 to 15 lakhs”. stated SWR in a press release here.

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