Absence of Bus Shelters irks commuters in Hubballi Dharwad

Hubballi Dharwad is one of the fastest-growing cities in Karnataka. But the twin cities are deprived of basic bus shelters creating hassle to the daily commuters.

City buses is still one of the most convenient ways of commuting in the twin cities. But the absence of bus shelters has forced commuters to stand in the scorching sun while waiting for their buses.

Major roads in Hubballi like Lamington Road, Gokul Road, and Kusugal Road has very few (negligible) bus shelters. The condition of Dharwad is no different than Hubballi.

Absence of bus shelters irks commuters in Hubballi Dharwad
Commuters waiting for bus under scorching sun at Gokul Road, Hubballi

Back then, Hubballi had good bus shelters along Gokul Road. Many bus shelters were removed when the widening of the road was taken up, but those bus shelters were never built back.

Dharwad too is deprived of good bus shelters, the city immediately needs good bus shelters near Court circle, Jubilee circle, Toll Naka, Gandhinagar, NTTF, Saptapura, Dasanakoppa circle, and near Karnataka University.

Absence of bus shelters irks commuters in Hubballi Dharwad
Students waiting for bus at Court Circle, Dharwad

Coming back to Hubballi, the city needs good bus shelters along Kusugal Road, Lamington Road, Gokul Road, and a few other residential areas across the city.

Back then, Hubballi Dharwad Municipal Corporation (HDMC) had built many bus shelters across Hubballi. But many of them were removed either due to widening of the Road or some other reasons.

As of now, the weather in Hubballi Dharwad is comfortable as it is winter. But the situation will become worse in Summer and Monsoons. Commuters will be forced to stand in the scorching sun or the heavy rains.

HDMC is likely to announce its Budget soon. It will be a blessing to commuters if they reserve some funds to build good bus shelters across the twin cities of Hubballi Dharwad.

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