7 traffic junctions of Dharwad city to be improved

There is some good news for Dharwad citizens! 7 traffic junctions of Dharwad city are all set to witness improvement in aesthetics as well as junction management.

Hubballi Dharwad BRTS Company Limited (HDBRTS) has invited tenders for the Construction and Improvements of Junctions along the HDBRTS corridor between the RTO office till Jubilee Circle in Dharwad.

The 7 traffic junctions selected are as follows: RTO Junction, Gandhinagar junction, Vidyagiri junction, Toll Naka, Bagalkot petrol pump junction, NTTF junction, and Jubilee Circle.

7 traffic junctions of Dharwad city to be improved
Proposed improvements to Gandhinagar junction at Dharwad

The work consists of the Construction of Table-tops, Installation of Road studs, Bollards, Thermoplastic road marking (Lane + Zebra cross markings), MS guard rails/barricades, Cat-eyed, Signages, Rumblers, etc.

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5 thoughts on “7 traffic junctions of Dharwad city to be improved

  1. There is a need to get a Bus Stop at Yalakki Shettar Colony as there are lot of regular commuters to Hubli.

  2. Another venture to gobble funds and fool everyone. BRTS is like the cancer of Hubli-Dharwad, it should never have been installed in the first place. That abomination made some people rich, and two cities miserable. And such silly ventures continue to fool everyone.

  3. It is unfortunate to remark on BRTS. The plans of BRTS ROADS are conveniently forgotten and added misery to the pedestrians and vehicles drivers. Though it is one way two wheelers and Rikhsaws drive in opposite way with no fear. There is a complaint that corruption was there in high level

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