21 Private Hospitals selected for Covid-19 Vaccination in Dharwad

Citizens will be able to register and book an appointment for Covid-19 Vaccination, anytime and anywhere, using the COWIN portal or through the Arogya Setu application, the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare said in a press statement here.

People aged 60 years or more as of 1st January 2022 are eligible to register via the CoWIN portal to get vaccinated. And those above 45 years of age with comorbidities can also register to get vaccinated starting from today 1st March 2021 at 9 AM.

Covid-19 Vaccination is free at all Government Health Facilities. While Private hospitals are allowed to charge up to ₹250 (₹ 150/- for vaccine and ₹ 100/- as operational charges) per dose of Covid-19 vaccine.

As India gears up for the next phase of Covid-19 Vaccination, 21 Private hospitals have been selected in Dharwad district to serve as Vaccination Centres.

To find Covid-19 Vaccination centers of other districts, click this link.

Private Hospitals selected for Covid-19 Vaccination in Dharwad

How to register for Vaccination

A User Guide for the Citizen Registration & Appointment for Vaccination has been uploaded on the websites of Union Ministry of Health & Family Welfare and National Health Authority (NHA). You can find it here.

Workflow to get Covid-19 Vaccine via CoWIN portal
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