Hubballi Airport stands 15th in the Customer Satisfaction Survey

Hubballi Airport has been ranked 15th in the Customer Satisfaction Survey conducted by the Airports Authority of India (AAI). AAI had conducted the second round of survey with passengers between July and December-2020.

57 airports in India with an annual footfall of less than 20 Lakhs were considered for the survey. Some of the parameters covered for the survey include Transportation, Parking, Passenger facilities, and Cleanliness, etc.

Hubballi Airport recorded a CSI (Customer Satisfaction Index) of 4.62, improving against the previous recorded CSI of 4.58 for the months in between July and December 2019. An improvement of 0.04 was observed.

Belagavi and Mysuru were the other airports from Karnataka considered in the Customer Satisfaction Survey. While Belagavi Airport secured 17th place with a CSI of 4.61, Mysuru Airport secured 32nd place with a CSI of 4.38.

Udaipur Airport bagged the first position in the survey with a CSI of 4.84. Madurai Airport and Gaya Airport secured 2nd and 3rd position with a CSI of 4.80 and 4.78 respectively.

AAI Customer Satisfaction Survey 2020
Customer Satisfaction Index(CSI) of various Airports

Airports Authority of India (AAI) conducts a Customer Satisfaction Survey every 6 months. However, none of the airports from Karnataka were covered in Round 1(between January to June 2020) due to the Pandemic. Only 17 airports were considered for Round 1.

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