101 Water bodies of Dharwad district to be rejuvenated under Amrit Sarovar

A total of 101 Water bodies will be constructed/rejuvenated in the Dharwad district as part of the Amrit Sarovar Mission of the Union Government.

101 water bodies have already been identified in various parts of the Dharwad District. And the work of rejuvenating 15 water bodies in the district has already started.

As per Dharwad MP Pralhad Joshi, the sites of Amrit Sarovars have already been identified around Alnavar, Annigeri, Dharwad, Hubballi, Kundgol, Kalaghatagi, and Navalgund.

‘Apart from Conserving the environment and Saving water, it will also serve as a Tourist attraction and will play a major role in boosting the rural economy of the country’ he added.

A total of 2,893 water bodies have been identified in Karnataka and around 54,000+ sites have been identified across India to convert them to Amrit Sarovars.

To conserve the water for the future, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has launched Amrit Sarovar Mission. The mission was launched on April 24th, 2022.

Amrit Sarovar will play an important role in increasing the availability of water both on the Surface as well as under-ground. The mission has been launched as part of Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsava.

The main objective of the mission is to Construct/Develop at least 75 Amrit Sarovars (Ponds) in every district of the country. A total of 50,000+ Amrit Sarovars will be built across the country.

Each Amrit Sarovar will have Pondage area of a minimum 1 acre (0.4 hectares). Every Amrit Sarovars will have a water holding capacity of about 10,000 Cubic meters.

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