SWR records its highest-ever earnings in 2022-23

South Western Railway (SWR) has recorded the highest-ever earnings as well as freight loading performance in 2022-23 since it’s formation in 2003.

Hubballi headquartered SWR registered the highest ever Gross Revenue of ₹8071 Crores (including Passenger Revenue of ₹2756 crore, Freight Revenue of ₹4696 crore, Sundry Revenue of ₹348 crores, and Other Coaching of ₹271 crores).

For the first time since the inception of SWR, the Gross Revenue has crossed ₹8000 crore. Further, the Gross Revenue in 2022-23 is nearly 30% higher than that recorded in 2021-22.

In 2022-23, SWR recorded the highest-ever freight loading of 47.7 million tonnes (highest since 2003) breaking the previous record of 46.24 million tonnes registered in 2007-08.

This has been possible with a customer-centric approach adopted throughout the zone as well as due to concerted efforts in marketing the railway schemes and products by the Business Development Units set up in all three Divisions of SWR.

In 2022-23 the zone transported 509 rakes of Automobiles as compared to 238 rakes in the previous year. In the same year, SWR recorded the highest-ever loading in Mineral Oil (2.05 MT), Cement (1.07 MT), and Sugar (1.45 MT).

Notably, Railways have emerged as a ‘transporter of choice’ for the automobile industry enabling safe, timely, damage-free, reliable, and environment-friendly transport.

Based o­n the demand of passengers, Special trains were run and 253 additional coaches were augmented o­n a permanent basis and 224 coaches were augmented o­n a temporary basis during Festivals, Holidays, and other Special occasions.

In the entire year, 2335 extra coaches were provided to facilitate berths for waitlisted passengers. Four new trains were introduced, two trains were extended, and the frequency of two trains was increased.

SWR speeded up 116 trains, duly saving 2816 minutes of journey time. 6 pairs of trains have been upgraded to superfast express trains. 10 rakes were converted from conventional ICF type to LHB coaches improving safety and comfort.

In FY 2022-23, the total number of passengers carried is 150.34 million, which is the highest ever and a record in itself. Based o­n special requests received, a total of 13 FTR specials were run and 49 FTR coaches were attached o­n owning basis.

A total of 3,506 parcel vans were leased, carrying 82,200 tonnes of cargo and fetching a revenue of ₹57 crores, transporting essential commodities. 170 leased PCETs were run, carrying a cargo of 60,493 tonnes, fetching a revenue of ₹28 crores.

General Manager of SWR, Shri Sanjeev Kishore has expressed his gratitude to the Freight as well as Parcel customers, and the Passengers who have patronized the service provided by SWR.

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