SWR improves its record in many fields

South Western Railways (SWR) headquartered in Hubballi is performing exceedingly well and improvising it’s previous records in many fields. The list of achievements are as follows.

SWR has continued its emphasis on increasing passenger comfort by commissioning 720.7 km of Railway line (Highest ever!) including new lines, Doubling and Railway electrification.

Marching towards mission 100% electrification, SWR has electrified 511.7 RKM in a year (Highest ever!). It also doubled 187.6 km section and constructed new line of 22kms.

SWR has achieved its highest ever Capital Expenditure of ₹5560 Crores with a record growth of 20.86% over last financial year. The target was set at ₹3690.45 Crores.

South Western Railways has also achieved its highest ever Originating Freight Revenue of ₹4160.04 Crores with a record growth of 27.34% over last financial year.

South Western Railways has achieved Sundry earnings (Miscellaneous earnings) of ₹275.30 Crores with a record growth of 75.5% over the last financial year.

Enhancing the Safety and strengthening the infrastructure, SWR has achieved the highest ever progress in Through Weld Renewal (TWR) of 185km track length surpassing the target of 160km.

SWR has also achieved a significant milestone in Freight transportation by transporting 44.42 MT of originating freight with an outstanding growth of 15.53% over last financial year.

South Western Railways ranks 4th position in Punctuality among all zones across the country. It has managed to achieve a punctuality rate of 94.26%.

A transporter of choice for Automobile manufacturers, South Western Railways has transported 238 rakes of automobiles. It has also achieved a scrap sale worth ₹138.04 Crores surpassing the target of ₹115 Crores.

Augmenting Safety and upgrading passenger amenities, South Western Railways has closed 36 Level crossings and constructed 12 ROBs, 13 RUBs, and rehabilitated 40 bridges.

In a mission to provide an environmentally friendly, green, and clean mode of transport, 91 trains under its limits are running on Electric traction, 40 trains are HOG powered saving ₹22.7 Crores on Diesel.

Enhancing the Safety of passengers, South Western Railways has installed 359 CCTV surveillance systems across 30 major railway stations over its limits. QR code-based UPI-enabled payment has been introduced in ATVMs.

Moving towards Digital India, 450 ticket checking staff are provided with handheld PoS machines. It has also recorded 5.66 lakhs of ticket checking cases and collected ₹32.62 Crores as fine.

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