Survey of Hubballi Sirsi Talaguppa railway line completed

The survey for the direct railway line connecting Hubballi with Talaguppa via Sirsi has been completed. The project aims to link parts of Western Ghat with mainland Karnataka.

Gurumoorti Hegde, A Twitter/X user had filed RTI to know the status of Hubballi to Talaguppa railway line via Sirsi. The RTI application has revealed some important developments.

The railway board sanctioned the work for conducting a feasibility study on 14th November 2019 for the new railway line connecting Talaguppa in Shivamogga district with Hubballi via Sirsi.

South Western Railway (SWR) has completed the survey, and the feasibility report has been submitted to the Railway board on 28th March 2023 for further action.

However, the railway board has yet to take a call on sanctioning the Final Location Survey (FLS) for the new line. FLS is conducted for constructing new lines, doubling of railway lines etc.

The Final Location Survey is done to prepare the actual blueprint of the work and to make accurate cost estimates. Sometimes, FLS may also include Traffic surveys.

Alignment of the new line: The length of Hubballi to Talaguppa‘s new railway line via Sirsi is likely to be around 167 RKm. The expected railway stations in between are as follows.

Talaguppa, Kavanchur, Siddapura, Mandikoppa, Talagunda, Bidralli, Sirsi, Anchalli, Haraganahalli, Pala, Siddanakoppa, Mundgod, Hungunda, Tadas, Belagali and Hubballi.

Many were under the impression that the new line connecting Hubballi with Talaguppa via Sirsi was shelved. But, thankfully it’s not. The railway board is likely to take a call on FLS soon.

Gurumoorti Hegde says “The new railway line is very important to the region in and around Sirsi. Around 5 lakh people will benefit from the same.

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15 thoughts on “Survey of Hubballi Sirsi Talaguppa railway line completed

  1. This will connect Talaguppa to Sirsi and Huballi reducing the dependency on buses and come to Shimoga if using train.

  2. If Hubballi Sirsi Talguppa line takes place, then the same line will connect Mysore via Arasikere

      1. Thalaguppa station established by East india carry goods to jog falls. It’s high point railway station in western ghat. We thinking of still to develop ..government don’t want make surveys.& drop,otherwise build railway line.this is our Democracy.

  3. also add honnavar from talguppa laying railway route Mangalore separate railway divisional office or add SWR very important project for Karnataka and costal region development

    1. Very nice initiative. It not help in connecting Hubli and Mysore, but helps in the development of academic excellency, business ventures, tourism, improving health care system and what not in overall welfare of society. Pray God for all good to happen
      Hari om

    2. Yes. Indeed. The smallest distance of around mere 65km from talguppa to honnavar can be laid. This will connect hinterland to coastal region making shortest distance from Bangalore to KARWAR and Goa

  4. For many of the people from this region, this development may give a sense of joy in anticipation of direct trains to Hubballi. But if we care to consider the holistic welfare of the state, the destruction of large chunks of very high quality forests of Western Ghats should be an enormous concern. For a state with only about 20% of its land area covered with forests and trees (against the national forest policy target of 33%) , and which is officially considered as one of driest state in the country, with the possibility of drought every few years, and which is already water stressed due to lack of forest wealth, this project proposal can be seen as a curse, not as a boon. For the similar reasons an earlier proposal to have a railway line from Hubballi to Ankola on the coast has been rejected by central govt agencies multiple times. It is vastly desirable that the people of the state are aware of the associated issues and hence be very sensitive to the ramifications of such high impact projects.

  5. The plan is to make raily way line via sirsi is good u need to add a station in hangat as well bcz many travellers travel from.hangal.aswel so think about it and begin the future

  6. The plan is to make railway line via sirsi is good but u need to add a station in hangal as well bcz many travellers travel from.hangal.aswel so think about it and begin the future

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