Stage III of revised Graded Response Action Plan (GRAP) invoked in Delhi

In view of the significant deterioration in air quality of Delhi NCR in last 24 hours, the Sub-Committee for invoking actions under the Graded Response Action Plan (GRAP) of the Commission for Air Quality Management in NCR & Adjoining Areas.

Delhi’s overall Air Quality Index (AQI) crossed the 407 mark today at 16:00 hours, which is likely to be a localized influence.

The Commission comprehensively reviewed the ongoing restrictive/ preventive actions implemented under Stage I and Stage II of the GRAP along with the impact of revocation of actions under Stage III on the overall air quality of Delhi.

While meticulously reviewing the overall air quality parameters, the Sub-Committee during the meeting noted that due to sudden unfavorable meteorological conditions, it is considered necessary to re-implement Stage III of GRAP.

It is invoked with immediate effect in the entire NCR as a pre-emptive measure to prevent further deterioration of air quality in the region.

As per the dynamic model and weather/ meteorological forecast, this sudden spike is possibly due to localized factors therefore in an effort to steer clear of further deterioration of air quality and to maintain the AQI of Delhi.

The call to re-invoke all actions as envisaged under Stage III of the GRAP – ‘Severe’ Air Quality (DELHI AQI ranging between 401–450) has been taken by the Sub-Committee.

This is in addition to the preventive/ restrictive actions mentioned in Stage I and Stage II of the GRAP.

Accordingly, a 9-point action plan as per Stage III of GRAP is applicable with immediate effect from today in the entire NCR region.

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