Smart Road gets damaged, HDSCL is re-laying it

Developed at a cost of ₹37.71 Crores under Smart City funds: part of the Smart Road at Silver Town, a prominent residential area in Hubballi was heavily damaged even before its inauguration.

We had highlighted the damaged road through our Twitter account here. Many citizens had expressed their anger against HDSCL. The tweet had received 40+ retweets and 150+ likes.

Smart Road gets damaged, HDSCL is re-laying it
Screenshot of the tweet by @Hubballi_Infra

Many citizens pointed out that the low-quality materials used for the construction of the road are responsible for the damage. The tweet also received many memes highlighting the sub-standard works.

Responding to our Tweet, HDSCL had agreed to re-lay the damaged road. Thanks to Sunil Nalavade, Admin of Hublicity-egroup for taking it to the Smart City officials.

Now, HDSCL has started repairing the damaged Smart Road. We can only hope that the Re-layed road will be as per standards and requires no more modifications.

Smart Road gets damaged, HDSCL is re-laying it
HDSCL has started re-laying the damaged road

But the question remains to be answered on why the quality control team of HDSCL failed to identify the sub-standard works of the Smart Road.

HDSCL had undertaken the road improvements from Kotilingeshwar Nagar to Silver Town via JP Nagar under Package-6 of Smart Street and Junction improvement project. Read more about the project here.

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