Seven researchers from KLE Tech University Hubballi among top 2% scientists

In a remarkable feat, Seven researchers from the KLE Technological University Hubballi have made it to the list of the top 2% scientists in the world released by Stanford University, USA.

Stanford University has released the the list of top 2% scientists of in the world in association with Elsevier publication. The publication releases the list an updated list every year.

The seven researchers who made it to the list are as follows: Prof. Tejraj Aminabhavi, Dr. Nagaraj ShettiDr Mohanakrishna GundaDr Shweta Malode, Prof. Prabhugouda Patil, Prof. Vinayak Gaitonde, and Dr Nagaraj Banapurmath.

The recognition is based on a comprehensive evaluation that considers various factors such as publications, citations, h-index, co-authorship adjusted hm-index, and a composite indicator (c-Score) in 22 scientific fields.

These achievements not only reflect the outstanding quality of research conducted at KLE Technological University but also demonstrate the institution’s commitment to advancing knowledge and making a global impact in the academic and scientific community.

The recognition highlights the significant contributions and impact of these researchers in their respective fields of study. It is a testament to the university’s emphasis on research and academic excellence.

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The seven researchers and their roles at KLE Technological University are as follows: Prof. Tejraj Aminabhavi (Director of Research: School of Advanced Sciences), Dr. Nagaraj Shetti (Associate Professor: School of Advanced Sciences).

Dr Mohanakrishna Gunda (Associate Professor: School of Advanced Sciences), Dr Shweta Malode (Associate Professor: School of Advanced Sciences).

Prof. Prabhugouda Patil (Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics), Prof. Vinayak Gaitonde (Associate Professor, School of Mechanical Engineering), and Dr Nagaraj Banapurmath (Head of Center for Material ).

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