‘Savari’ to be Hubballi’s Public Bicycle Sharing System

Hubballi city is all set to get North Karnataka’s first Public Bicycle Sharing System soon. The system is named as ‘Savari’. The tagline of the project is ಪ್ರತಿ ಸಂದರ್ಭಕ್ಕೂ ಸೈಕಲ್ (Cycle for every instance).

In order to promote eco-friendly mobility, Hubballi Dharwad Smart City Limited (HDSCL) is implementing the project at a cost of ₹8.5 crores under Public-Private Partnership (PPP) model.

HDPBS system involves Borrowing a bicycle from any ‘Docking station’ across the city and returning the borrowed bicycle after the ride to any Docking station as per the convenience of the user.

Video: Brief overview of the HDPBS system

Hubballi Dharwad Public Bicycle Sharing (HDPBS) system consists of Automated Bicycle hubs to Monitor, Lock, Unlock bicycles to the Docking units/stations.

Bicycle Specifications: 340 bicycles will be part of the HDPBS system. There will be 2 types of Bicycles.

  • Electric Bicycles: These bicycles are provided with Electric motors so that riders can ride bicycles with Minimum pedal stroke (Total: 34 bicycles).
  • Geared Bicycles: Multispeed geared bicycles will also be part of the system (Total: 306 bicycles).
Savari to be Hubballi's Public Bicycle Sharing System
View of the Bicycle

Docking Stations: HDPBS system features 34 Docking stations/Hubs across Hubballi city. As of now, 11 hubs are ready. Rest Docking stations/hubs will be available soon. The list of Docking stations are as follows.

Public Bicycle Sharing (PBS), Hubballi
List of Docking Stations in HDPBS system
Savari to be Hubballi's Public Bicycle Sharing System
View of the Docking Station/Hub

How to Register? User registration involves 3 steps. Registration can be completed online or through ‘Savari’ app. Registration involves providing basic details with identity proof like Aadhar card, Voter ID, Driving Licence etc.

  • Step 1) Provide your information and Identify Proof.
  • Step 2) Choose an appropriate Membership plan and Payment.
  • Step 3) Verification of the Identity Proof and obtaining the Smart card from Registration centers.

The Registration and Smartcard facility can also be availed from the 4 Registration centers located at Savari Control Center (Cotton Market, Hubli), Savari office (Shirur Park), Old bus stand, and New bus stand.

Savari to be Hubballi's Public Bicycle Sharing System
How you can ride Bicycles in HDPBS system?

Savari Application

HDSCL has developed an app to assist the users in Registration, to check the Balance, and Recharge. The application can also be downloaded from the Play Store or through the direct link here.

HDPBS Tariff or Usage fee: To encourage the users, the first 30 minutes are granted free to all members. Users will have to top up their smart cards with a minimum amount of ₹100 which will then be deducted based on the usage.

The fare collection consists of 4 parts: Security deposit, Subscription fees, Processing fee, and Cycle rental fee. The different membership plans are as follows.

Savari to be Hubballi's Public Bicycle Sharing System
Membership options in HDPBS system

The main objective of the Bicycle Sharing System is to encourage the cycling culture. It can be used for various day-to-day activities like Commuting to work, school, etc.

HDPBS can also be used to provide last-mile connectivity to the already existing transportation infrastructure like City buses and HDBRTS buses in the Hubballi city.

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10 thoughts on “‘Savari’ to be Hubballi’s Public Bicycle Sharing System

  1. One week, max one month it’ll tk for the bikes to b stolen, dismantled, damaged lying in gutters etc if strict validation/ verification of the person using isn’t done. People r very irresponsible whn it comes to public property.

  2. If u provide free service then people r happy if u charge then why people take that service instead they paid on petrol every one have bike reach there place

  3. Very best app and cycles too thank u for above service, docking stations are good , if more electric bicycle then it’s good
    Thank u smart city HD

  4. Cycle riding zone is used by parking 2 wheelers, even now you can go and check as well as the roads are being dug. And if the riders, ride on road they are scolded by other vehicle people. Please help the riders. I’m a concerned person who saw it happening not a rider

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