Redeveloped Janata Bazaar to be inaugurated today

Redeveloped Janata Bazaar in the heart of Hubballi city is slated to be inaugurated today. The bazaar is located near the Kittur Rani Chennamma Circle.

Hubballi Dharwad Smart City Limited (HDSCL) has reconstructed the Janata Bazaar at a cost of ₹18.35 Crores. The built-up area of the bazaar is around 96,000 sq. ft.

Redeveloped Janata Bazaar to be inaugurated today
View of the redeveloped Janata Bazaar

The structure of the building is Basement+ Ground floor+ 3 floors + Terrace. Parking is provided in the basement, Shops have been provided on the Ground and 1st floor, and office space on the 2nd floor.

The reconstruction of the Janata Bazaar was started in August 2019. It was supposed to be completed by mid-2021. But it was delayed due to the pandemic and lockdown.

According to a report in Asianet, The ground floor has 50 platforms (kattas) and the first floor has 71 kattas. Also, the ground floor has 31 shops and the first floor has 22 shops.

Redeveloped Janata Bazaar to be inaugurated today
Platforms (Kattas) developed on 1st floor

The building has also reserved 6,500 sq. ft of space on second floor and 14,000 sq.ft of space in third floor for commercial purposes. It also has facilities for Lifts, Toilets, Drinking water, etc.

Redeveloped Janata Bazaar to be inaugurated today
Night View

Apart from the Janata Bazaar, several other projects are slated to be inaugurated formally today. The Fishmarket developed at Ganesh pet will be inaugurated today.

In addition to these, Public Health Centre at Medar Oni, Redeveloped Unkal Market, Housing complex at Hosur, Swimming Pool Phase-2, Integrated Command, and Control System, plus Bicycle Sharing System (Savari) will be inaugurated

At the same time, Roads built under Package 2 of the Smart Street Scape and Junction improvement project around Koppikar Road, Station Road, Broadway, Coen Road, etc will also be inaugurated.

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