Railway Electrification on fast track between Bengaluru and Hubballi

Railway Electrification works in between Bengaluru and Hubballi (specifically in between Davanagere and Hubballi) is moving at a rapid pace, all thanks to South Western Railway (SWR).

In order to finish the Electrification works in time, SWR has decided to electrify Bengaluru to Hubballi section simultaneously from both ends.

OHE foundation works have started from Davanagere all the way till Saunshi (around 30km from Hubballi). Visual updates on the same is as shown in the video below.

Davanagere to Hubballi: Electrification and Doubling update

Electrification of the entire Bengaluru to Hubballi section is expected to be completed by March 2023. By looking at the speed of Electrification, the target can easily be achieved.

A few days back, we had reported the status of Railway Electrification and Doubling works in between Bengaluru and Davanagere. Link to the article is given below.

Please read: Bengaluru to Hubballi Electrification reaches Davanagere.

As far as Doubling is concerned, Track has been laid in between Devaragudda and Haveri & Land leveled in between Saunshi and Hubballi. In the rest of the section, it is already doubled.

Central government has decided to run Vande Bharat Express train in between Bengaluru and Dharwad once Electrification works gets completed in between Bengaluru and Hubballi.

South Western Railway (SWR) is expediting all the Railway Electrification projects in Karnataka. The zone is marching fast towards the 100% Electrification goal set by the central government.

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