Positivity rate decreases to 13% in Dharwad District

The District administration has taken various steps to decrease the spread of Coronavirus infection. The good news is that the positivity rate has decreased to 13%, a few days back it was around 40%.

“Efficient and Proactive measures taken by the District administration have resulted in the decrease of Covid infection. The people of Dharwad District have co-operated well for the lockdown announced by the government” said Dharwad district in charge Jagadish Shettar in a press release.

The minister also insisted people to follow strict Lockdown guidelines till June 7th, then the positivity rate might decrease to 5%. People should continue to maintain Social Distancing, Wear masks, use hand sanitizers and avoid unnecessary roaming, he added.

Dharwad district reported 291 new Covid-19 cases yesterday. For the first time after lockdown, the number of new cases has reduced below 300. Active cases in the district have been reduced to 5,758. The positivity rate for Karnataka stood at 13.57%.

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