Lost your mobile? E-spandana can get it back

Have you been a victim of Mobile theft or Lost your mobile phone in unavoidable circumstances? E-spandana, an initiative by Hubballi Dharwad City police may help you to get it back.

E-spandana is a Complaint portal to Report our Lost mobile phones. It is a unique initiative by Hubballi Dharwad Commissioner Shri Raman Gupta, IPS.

Recently, Hubballi Dharwad police handed over 70 lost mobiles to their original owners worth ₹20 Lakhs. The initiative is getting widespread applause from the citizens.

Hubballi Dharwad police have already returned 570+ mobile phones to their original owners within 3 months. Complaining about a lost mobile is easier than ever now.

Lost your mobile? E-spandana can get it back
Mobile phones handed over to original owners

How to report lost mobile through E-spandana? Those who have lost their mobile should simply send a ‘Hi’ via WhatsApp to the number ‘8277952828’. No need to visit the Police Station!

The chatbot then sends an automated response with a link to report the lost mobile. Clicking the link opens a Google form where it asks for some basic details of your lost mobile.

Details to be submitted in the form: Name, Father’s name, Address, Select the Police Station, Contact number, IMEI numbers, Mobile model, Date of missing, Place of missing, Number used in Lost mobile, etc.

After submitting the form, the police department starts tracking the mobile phone. If in case, the phone is not found, then the authorities will proceed to block the IMEI number to prevent misuse.

Also, a Central Equipment Identity Register (CEIR) portal helps to block your lost or stolen device. Those who have complained can also track the status via the IMEI status tab.

Hubballi Dharwad city police are celebrating ‘Mobile Returning Day’ on the Fourth or Last Saturday of every month. The mobile phones found through the initiative will be returned to the original owners.

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