Karnataka Budget 2021-22: Here is what Hubballi-Dharwad got

Karnataka CM B S Yediyurappa, who also holds the Finance Portfolio, presented the State Budget for the fiscal year 2021-22 in the Assembly yesterday. BSY said that the Revenue Deficit for the fiscal year is estimated to be ₹ 15,134 Crores.

Here are some of the important things given to Hubballi-Dharwad:

  • DIMHANS, Dharwad which is one of the oldest Mental Health institutes in Karnataka, will be upgraded into a well-equipped Mental and Neuro patients Treatment Centre at a cost of ₹75 Crores in stages. A grant of ₹10 Crores will be provided during the current year.
  • As a result of the continuous efforts of former Union Minister late Shri Suresh Angadi, the construction of a 73 km long new Railway line between Dharwad-Kittur-Belagavi at a cost of ₹927 Crores was announced in the Union Budget 2020-21. 50% of the total project cost and the complete cost of land acquisition will be borne by the State Government. The State Government has provided a grant of ₹ 463 Crores to this new railway line.
  • In accordance with the award of the Mahadayi Tribunal, Administrative approval has been accorded amounting to a total of ₹1,677 Crores for the Kalasa and Banduri Nala diversion project. The project aims to bring drinking water to drought-prone areas of Dharwad, Belagavi, Gadag, and Haveri districts.
  • As per the rules of the Indian Medical Association, it is proposed to start the Emergency Treatment department at Karnataka Institute of Medical Sciences (KIMS), Hubballi.
  • To expedite the Crime Detection processes and to enhance the Conviction Rate in the state, the Regional center of Forensic Laboratory will be established in Hubballi.
  • Construction of Automated Vehicle Driving Testing Path undertaken at Dharwad will be completed soon and opened to the public.
  • Realizing the problems faced by the construction laborers, Karnataka Building and Other Construction Workers Welfare Board will construct Temporary Residential Facilities in Hubballi.
  • Vehicle Inspection and Certification Centre at Dharwad will be operationalized this year.
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3 thoughts on “Karnataka Budget 2021-22: Here is what Hubballi-Dharwad got

  1. Dear CM,
    If you have few minutes pls go inside the Hubli roads and see if you can do anything.
    Travelling with our hard-earned tax money in flights and with cops will not solve our daily issues.

  2. Give something opportunities for young generation of job, any schemes to develop themselves and India

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