IndiGo aircraft suffers Tyre burst in Hubballi Airport

An IndiGo aircraft VT-IYX, operating a flight from Kannur International Airport to Hubballi, suffered a Tyre burst while landing at Hubballi Airport. Fortunately, all the passengers and crew members are safe.

IndiGo aircraft suffers Tyre burst in Hubballi Airport
Scary visuals of the aircraft VT-IYX that suffered Tyre burst at Hubballi Airport

6E-7979 departed from Kannur Airport at 7 PM and was supposed to land at Hubballi Airport by 8:10 PM. The aircraft entered the Hubballi airspace at around 8 PM. The aircraft couldn’t get landing permission as it was raining heavily.

The aircraft was hovering around Hubballi Airport for about 20 to 25 minutes. The aircraft did go around once while landing. Finally, the weather cleared around 8:30 PM and the aircraft was given landing permission. As soon as the flight landed, the aircraft suffered a Tyre burst. All passengers were disembarked at the airport premises and the runway was cleared by 2 AM.

IndiGo aircraft suffers Tyre burst in Hubballi Airport
Skid marks are visible on the runway near the impact area

‘The aircraft VT-IYX was stuck on the runway for some time before it was pulled out from the runway. All the Passengers and Crew members are safe, The aircraft is currently undergoing maintenance at Hubballi Airport’ confirmed the sources in IndiGo.

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