India MedTech Expo from 17th-19th January 2023

The India MedTech Expo (IMTE), the first-ever Expo of Indian Medtech Industry by Government, is rescheduled and now will be held from 17th to 19th January 2023 at Aerocity Grounds, New Delhi.

The three days Expo was earlier scheduled from 9th to 11th December 2022. On 30th September 2022, the website of India MedTech Expo (IMTE) was launched and the flyer was released for the event.

India MedTech Expo (IMTE), a three-day long event is the 1st edition of India MedTech Expo, organized by Dept. of Pharmaceuticals, Government of India.

The event has been arranged in close association with all the Medical Devices Industry Associations. It is being coordinated by Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FICCI).

The Expo is planned around the theme “Future of Device, Diagnostics & Digital”. The event is organized with an objective to create opportunities to network and explore collaborations both for the sector’s growth in India.

And its potential contribution globally, by bringing together all the stakeholders such as PLI participants, start-ups, MSMEs, Innovative entrepreneurs, R&D facilities, Incubators, public and private hospitals, Industry at large, Academia, Research institutions, Investors, State governments, MedTech parks and key Government officials for taking the sector on a forward growth trajectory.

India MedTech Expo has received tremendous response from the MedTech Industry, which has come forward in large numbers and given their confirmation for participation.

So far, about 150+ Start-ups, 275+ Indian & International Medical Device companies and MSME units, 50+ Research Institutions, etc. have confirmed their participation in the Expo.

Over 376 foreign buyers entries have been received out of which selected 200+ foreign buyers will be hosted for B2B engagement.

The current market size of the medical devices sector in India is estimated to be 11 Bn USD and the sector in India is at a growth stage with CAGR of 10-12% over the last decade and has the potential to reach $ 50 bn by 2030.

The proposed Expo will create visibility of medical devices ecosystem to the world and build a brand identity for the Indian MedTech sector.

IMTE-23 would offer a unique platform to meet and interact with Start-ups, Indian & International Medical Device companies, MSME units & Research Institutions.

IMTE-23 would feature special Government Regulators, State MedTech Parks, Future Healthcare, R&D and Innovation, Make in India & Start-ups Pavilion, along with parallel thematic Conference sessions.

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