Hubballi Dharwad to get ITIMS soon

Hubballi Dharwad City Corporation (HDMC) is implementing an Intelligent Traffic and Incident Management System (ITIMS) for the twin cities of Hubballi Dharwad.

The ITIMS system is likely to form the backbone of Traffic Management in the twin cities. The complete City Traffic infrastructure will be Monitored and Managed from a single location i.e at a Centralized Command and Control Centre.

The system will have Advanced and Smart features like Automatic Number Plate Recognition System (ANPR), Automatic/Semi-automatic control of traffic lights based on traffic density, Triple Ride, and No-Helmet Detection System, etc.

HDMC has invited Request for Proposal (RFP) for Design, Supply, Installation, Testing/Training & Commissioning, Maintenance, of CCTV system with Connectivity Network and Customized Video Analytics and Control Room Infrastructure for Hubballi Dharwad on a Turnkey basis.

To manage the traffic, the system senses the Traffic on the arms and Sends the information to the controller. The Local Controller processes the data and Adjusts the timing of the Signal in a fully automated scenario. The timings and the signals can also be controlled by the Command Center.

ITIMS will include ‘Traffic Violation Detection and Enforcement Assist’ consisting of various subsystems such as Speed Violation Detection System, Wrong Side Violation Detection System, Red Light Jumping Violation Detection System, etc.

ITIMS will also include the Automatic Number Plate Recognition System (ANPR), a highly accurate system capable of reading Vehicle number plates without human intervention through the use of high-speed image capture.

No-Helmet and Triple Ride Detection System will also be part of the ITIMS. It will be an automated system for detecting the Violation of persons riding 2-wheelers without wearing a helmet by using state of art video-based technology.

The system will work on an Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning (AI-DL) platform that automatically detects a Vehicle in the Camera View and reads the Number Plate using Optical Character Recognition (OCR).

Similarly, violations like the use of Mobile phones while riding, One-way (no-entry), No parking violation, Vehicle analytics, etc. will come under Smart Surveillance System. It will link the violation with the E-Challan system and Vehicle Registration Database.

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11 thoughts on “Hubballi Dharwad to get ITIMS soon

  1. What a joke! It will be implemented at a massive cost, and will be dead in a year. It will be as useless if not as dangerous as the BRTS. It is only going to make a couple of people rich. Hubli-Dharwad will continue to be 3rd rate cities!

    1. Whatever public institution does it is for lining the pockets of the powers be and then there is no budget for it’s maintenance like so many sabhabhavans built by the HD Corporation. I pray God that this system be maintained well and it disciplines the traffic.

  2. Instead wasting time and tax payers money, spend money on providing better, wider and bypass roads keeping in mind the future 20years traffic on HUBLI-DHARWAD twin City Road.
    I have seen BANGALORE since 1981. The changes and requirements of today at BANGALORE must be anticipated today for tomorrow’s HUBLI-DHARWAD.

  3. Don’t waste public money. Improve the upcoming localities. Provide minimum requirement of roads,water,electricity facilities. ITIMS may be another scam of 40%. Give importance to middle and low class people. Don’t misuse their taxes.

  4. This idea is really good
    But first atleast construct some big and wide roads,as as people take their animals like goats,sheeps, and buffaloes for walk in the city area. The police department is useless as they take 100rs from the richest and give parking anywhere, people are screaming but they only want to chit chat with others,no strict action against rule breaker
    Chambers are not closed at all, children are taught to how to collect bhiksha from rich people instead of learning and building their future

  5. Hi!, What most of the people above mentioned is true. First deploy as many Traffic police personal or private guards to regulate disciline voilators like riding or driving on wrong side, pull up all d civic amenities heads to synergise the execution of smart City works, (shaming pan/gutka spitters may be keep spittoons) awarness campaigns in local TV’s including surrounding villages regards to cleanliness, vacant land garbage, water clogged drainages, stream line congested old localities, dedicated n disciplined parking, rumple strips at road junctions, residential/colleges/ hospitals stringent rules on cutting of trees unless it’s inevitable…list could be much more..but pls plan for atleast next 50 yrs …

  6. Please don’t waste Tax payers money’s..only some people will become rich and city will remain same..poor and middle caste people will suffer…
    Instead of that provide.. drinking water. Good roads.. good Sports Activity infrastructure….. Build Hospital like AIIIMS …Free / good Medical fecilities…

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