Air Taxi Academy to open Flying Training Organization (FTO) in Hubballi

Air Taxi Academy, part of the Air Taxi group will open a Flying Training Organization (FTO) at Hubballi Airport premises by June 2024 (next month) for the benefit of aspiring pilots.

A Flying Training Organisation (FTO) is a pivotal step for any aspiring pilots to get their CPL (Commercial Pilot License) or PPL (Private Pilot License) and join the Aviation industry in India.

Announcing the same on their Instagram handle, Air Taxi Academy said “A professional Pilot Training Academy is opening in June 2024 at the Hubballi Airport”.

The Air Taxi Academy FTO at Hubballi Airport will offer both Ground level courses as well as Flying courses (CPL and PPL) for the aspiring pilots of North Karnataka.

Flying courses include the following programs: Commercial Pilot License (CPL), Private Pilot License (PPL) and Cadet Pilot Program (CPP) offering placement assistance to pilots.

Ground-level courses include the following programs: Air Traffic Control (ATC) procedures, Aircraft systems, and Aviation theories (Principals and Regulations).

Air Taxi Academy at Hubballi Airport will have a fleet of both Single and Multi-engine aircraft including Tecnam P2006T, Tecnam P-Mentor, and Tecnam P2010TDI aircraft.

The FTO is spawned over 2700 sq.m of land at Hubballi Airport. The Air Taxi has been actively connecting regional airports under the Udan scheme since 2021.

Hubballi Airport has advanced navigation facilities including VOR (VHF Omni-directional range), ILS (Instrument Landing System) and Night landing facilities.

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