97% of Railway line under SWR is now fully electrified

As of April 1st, 2024 around 97% of the Railway line under the Hubballi headquartered South Western Railway (SWR) has been Fully electrified by the Indian Railways. Details are as follows.

South Western Railway has a total of 3,340 RKm of Broad gauge railway line in its jurisdiction. Among these 3,227 Rkm of railway line (around 97%) has been electrified as of April 1st, 2024.

The sections in SWR which are yet to be electrified are as follows: Castlerock to Kulem, Sakleshpur to Subrahmanya Road, Kudachi to Miraj (Hubballi division).

As many as 13 railway zones in India have been fully electrified (100% electrified). The fully electrified railway zones and the corresponding jurisdiction in Rkm (Railway Km) are as follows.

North Central Railway (3,273 RKm), East Continental Railway (4,135 RKm), North Eastern Railway (3,220 RKm), West Central Railway (3,091 RKm), Central Railway (3,929 RKm).

Eastern Railway (2,782 RKm), Konkan Railway Corporation Limited (738 RKm), Kolkata Metro (50 RKm), South East Central Railway (2,402 RKm) and South Eastern Railway (2,753 RKm).

Northern Railway (7,215 Rkm), Konkan Railway Corporation Limited KRCL (738 RKm), Southern Railway (4,801 RKm).

Indian Railway has a broad gauge railway network of 65,861 RKm. Among these, around 63,456 RKm (96%) of the railway line is fully electrified. 17 zones have reported more than 90% electrification.

Indian Railway plans to become a ‘Net Zero Carbon Emitter’ by 2030 through 100% electrification of the railway network, making it one of the largest green railways in the world.

Electrification will significantly improve the mobility of trains in SWR limits and strengthen the Rail network in Karnataka, in addition to the reduction in pollution levels.

But among 18 railway zones in India (including Metro network, Kolkata), South Western Railway (SWR) stands at 15th position which is a matter to be worried about.

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