5 taluks of Dharwad district declared Drought hit in Karnataka

The cabinet sub-committee on Disaster Management in Karnataka has declared that 195 taluks in Karnataka have been hit by the Drought in the state.

As many as 165 taluks in Karnataka have been declared as Severely drought-hit, while 34 other taluks in Karnataka have been declared as Moderately drought-hit.

It is a matter of concern as around 80-85% of taluks belonging to 31 districts in Karnataka (195 out of 236) have been declared as Drought-hit in the state.

As far as Dharwad district is concerned, 5 taluks have been declared as Severely drought-hit. They are as follows: Dharwad, Hubballi, Kundgol, Navalgund and Hubballi city.

Monsoon entered the state on the 8th of June 2023, a week later than the usual schedule. Karnataka experienced 56% deficit rain during June 2023.

However, the monsoon picked up in July month as the state witnessed 29% excess rainfall in the month. But the majority of the rain in the month was recorded in a week’s time.

August month has been the worst hit, as the state experienced 73% deficit rain compared to the usual. The deficit in August 2023 is the lowest in the last 125 years.

According to the Karnataka State Natural Disaster Management Committee’s (KSNDMC) report, the state experienced a 23% deficit rain in between the 1st of June and till 19th of August 2023.

‘The 195 taluks (including severely drought-hit and moderately drought-hit) have been declared as Drought-hit with immediate effect for the next 6 months or till the next order’ stated a press release.

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