4 more trains to run with E-loco from Hubballi

In a measure towards Green Railway, SWR has decided to operate 4 more trains using E-loco from Hubballi Railway Station. SWR is actively working to switch more trains to Electric engines in the coming days.

Train No.17415/17416 Tirupati – Chhatrapati Sahu Maharaj Terminus Kolhapur – Tirupati Haripriya Express will get Electric locomotive between Guntakal and SSS Hubballi.

The change will be effective from 28.03.2022 for the journey commencing from Tirupati and with effect from 29.03.2022 for the journey commencing from Chhatrapati Sahu Maharaj Terminus Kolhapur.

4 more trains to run with E-loco from Hubballi
Haripriya express running with E-loco; Pic by: Sachin Bawoor

Earlier, this train was running with Diesel Locomotive from end to end. Haripriya Express will now run with E-loco 64% of the route, between Tirupati and Hubballi (574Kilometers out of 900 Km).

Similarly, Train No. 17313/17314 SSS Hubballi – MGR Chennai Central – SSS Hubballi Express will run with Electric Locomotive between SSS Hubballi and Guntakal with effect from 30.03.2022.

The change will be effective from 30.03.2022 for the journey commencing from SSS Hubballi and with effect from 31.03.2022 for train journey commencing from MGR Chennai Central.

Earlier this train was running with E-loco between Guntakal and MGR Chennai o­nly. Now the train will run by Electric Loco end to end. Running these 4 trains with electrical engines is expected to save more than 5000 liters of Diesel, every day.

Shri Sanjeev Kishore, GM, SWR has said that in the current financial year 2021-22 already 26 trains have been converted to electric traction so far and now 4 more are being added.

SWR in the last two financial years has converted 48 trains to run with Electric loco (24 each year). This has been made possible due to the record electrification drive by SWR (511.7 RKM of Electrification has been completed so far).

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9 thoughts on “4 more trains to run with E-loco from Hubballi

  1. Good work. And also Swr should Run this Train 07337/38 Hubli – Guntakal – Hubli passenger with electric locomotive. Because now this Train is running with Smoking diesel locomotive.To save environment from air pollution. This Train should be Hauled by electric locomotive

  2. Tremendous development has happened in NH and Railways, we appreciate work of NITIN A GADKARI SAB, This is possible only from BJP. Such Development has to took place at Rural Development also which will helpful to illiterate Kisan Co-operating to correction of their Land records. Only BJP can do this job. No other Govt can do.

  3. Very good job by BJP. Appreciate work of Minister Shri. Nitin Gadkari.tremendous development in NH and Railways.

  4. To tell the truth, I am really glad that SWR has decided to operate 4 more trains using E-loco from Hubballi Railway Station because I think that it is a necessary measure which will entail only positive changes. I can say that it is a great development and smart step which will create a great deal of amenities for people. I am amazed by the news that SWR strives for switching more trains to Electric engines in the coming days because it is a great breakthrough which will bring such global positive consequences. The electric engine produces quite a lot of power already with minimal RPM which has such a great importance for operation of trains. I think that the electric engine’s complete absence of harmful emissions into the atmosphere is so important for our environment and if a great deal of trains switch to such an engine, we will be closer to an absolutely new favorable reality.

  5. Great work done by govt. of India on doubbling & electrification of railway line between BENGALURU – HUBBALLI, I was in Hubbali from 1977 to 1995 as my father was working for Indian railways at Hubbali( swr). As I happen to visit Hubbali on Apr. 10, 2023 I could see lots of changes in Hubbali railway station ( its has longestest railway platform in india ( 1.5 km), now I request the general manager of swr to introduce important train to run with electric engine at the earliest so that travel time between the station will still come down by 1 hr. & I would like to share those days Train running with steam engine from Hubbali to Bengaluru & visa ver sa. Now the time as come to travel by super fast train ( Vande Bharath train ) with electric engine on same route that I was travelling during 1977 – 1985. All these developments due to good governance by Gov. of India between 2014 till June 2023 & I hope this developments will keep continuing in coming years too with blessing from people of Indian.
    All the best to ministery of railways, railway board & SWR division.

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