Traffic violators Beware! Hubballi Dharwad Traffic Police are raising Violations

Think twice before violating any traffic rules! People can snap your violation, send it to the Hubballi Dharwad Traffic Police, and a violation will be raised on your vehicle.

Yes, that’s right! Keeping in mind the safety and well-being of road users, Hubballi Dharwad Traffic Police has come out with a unique plan to bring down traffic violations.

Citizens can now report any violations like Signal jumps, Triple riding, Riding without Helmet, Zebra cross violations, or Driving on Wrong route can be reported to the Traffic Police.

Traffic violators Beware! Hubballi Dharwad Traffic police are raising Violations
How it works?

How to report? Take a clear picture of the violation focussing on the number plate. Tweet the pic with a short description by tagging Hubballi Dharwad Traffic Police (@HDCityTraffic) account on Twitter.

In a tweet, Hubballi Dharwad Traffic Police said that “Public can send clear photos of Traffic violation with Location and Time in order to raise a violation on the vehicle”

Commissioner of Police, Hubballi Dharwad has opened a new Twitter account @HDCityTraffic for traffic-related issues and queries of Hubballi Dharwad City.

The move has gained widespread support from the citizens of Hubballi Dharwad. Many have praised the initiative of Hubballi Dharwad City Police to make roads safer for all.

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4 thoughts on “Traffic violators Beware! Hubballi Dharwad Traffic Police are raising Violations

  1. When Police themselves violate the traffic rules whom we should report. On Hubli Dharwad road near Commissioners office you can see police cars driving on wrong side, Police personel not wearing helmets

  2. It seems police don’t want to perform their basic duty of controlling & ensuring traffic. Instead are interested only in penalising the motorists for silly mistakes which seldom result in accidents.
    Police are resorting to terrorising the people instead of serving them

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