Thirteen Private Agencies Get Accredited for Mineral Exploration

With the amendment of the Mines & Minerals (Development & Regulation) MMDR Act in 2021, Private agencies can also participate in exploration for the mineral sector after getting duly accredited by QCI-NABET.

So far, 13 private agencies have been accredited and subsequently notified by the Central Government.

The total number of government agencies engaged in mineral exploration comes to 22.

Apart from ongoing exploration works, MECL is providing consultancy services to State DGMs/ DMGs for the preparation of reports and other documents for actionable blocks.

Mineral Exploration and Consultancy Limited (MECL), is pursuing mineral exploration activities through NMET funding. MECL is also engaged with the State Government of Rajasthan for the feasibility study of potash deposits in western part of Rajasthan.

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