SWR installs ‘Welcome to World’s Longest Railway Platform’ signboard

Soon the commuters visiting Hubballi Railway Station will be greeted with a signboard that states ‘Welcome to the World’s Longest Railway Platform’. South Western Railways (SWR) is installing it at the main entrance of the Shri Siddharooda Swamiji Hubballi Junction.

World's Longest Railway Platform
World’s Longest Railway Platform, Hubballi signboard: Pic by – Zaheer Husen

Construction of the Longest Railway Platform is in the final stages and is likely to be completed soon. As part of Yard remodeling, SWR has increased the length of one of the platforms to 1,505m. SWR is also increasing the width of the platform to 10m.

Hubballi will have 8 platforms in total with the longest one is being divided into two platforms. It will be named as Platform No 1 and Platform Number 8. Apart from it, two dead-end platforms are also under construction.

The third entrance to the SSS Hubballi Jn is also under construction, making it one of the very few Railway Stations in the country to have 3 entrance gates. PM Narendra Modi is likely to inaugurate the World’s Longest Railway Platform virtually.

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