Public Bicycle Sharing system soon, Bicycle Dock getting ready

In order to promote Eco-friendly mobility, Hubballi Dharwad Smart City Limited (HDSCL) is implementing Public Bicycle Sharing (PBS) system in Hubballi. As part of the project, the first Bicycle Dock is getting ready near Tolanakere. The Bicycle Dock has 10 slots to Park and Lock the bicycles.

Public Bicycle Sharing (PBS), Hubballi
Bicycle Dock getting ready near Tolanakere

HDSCL is implementing Public Bicycle Sharing (PBS) system at a cost of ₹ 8.4 Crores. It is procuring 340 bicycles from Malaysia. Each bicycle will cost around ₹ 18,000. Care has been taken to see that the bicycles are usable in all weather conditions. Some of the bicycles have already arrived in the city.

The total length of the Public Bicycle Sharing system in Hubballi is estimated to be around 30KM. 34 PBS stations have been planned across Hubballi City. Users can pick up bicycles at any station and drop them off at any station. The project is being implemented under the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) model.

Public Bicycle Sharing (PBS), Hubballi
List of proposed stations under PBS project

As per the plan, Bicycles will work on Smart Cards. Users need to download an app and register themselves on the app to use bicycles. The user will likely be charged on an hourly basis (Mosy likely ₹5 to 10 per hour). The exact fare will be updated later. The project is undertaken under Smart City funds.

Public Bicycle Sharing (PBS), Hubli
Bicycle to be used under PBS system
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