NWKRTC starts Dharwad to Ujjaini package bus via Hubballi

In accordance with the long-standing demand of associations, organizations and devotees, NWKRTC has started one-day package tour bus from Dharwad to Ujjaini Peetha.

Ujjaini is an important religious place in Vijayanagara district in North Karnataka and is home to the Panchapeetha. Starting bus service from Dharwad was a long pending demand from the devotees of Dharwad.

Addressing the press, Dharwad Divisional Controller Shashidhar Chennappagoudar requested devotees to make use of the bus service from Dharwad to Ujjaini Panchapeetha.

NWKRTC starts Dharwad to Ujjaini bus via Hubballi Gadag
Dharwad to Ujjaini bus service. Pic courtesy: Prashant Kallimath.

NWKRTC will operate a daily bus service from Dharwad New Bus Station to Ujjaini. The bus will depart Dharwad at 7:15 AM and arrive in Ujjain at 12:30 PM.

The bus stop will stop at Ujjaini for a sufficient amount of time to facilitate worship, darshana and to get prasad for the devotees. The bus will halt at Ujjain for about One and a half hours.

The bus will leave Ujjain at 2 PM and return to Dharwad at 6:30 PM. It departs from Dharwad every morning and reaches Ujjain via Hubli, Gadag, Mundaragi, and Hadagali.

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The Dharwad Veerashaiva Jangama organization had requested NWKRTC to start bus service to Sri Ujjain Kshetra as soon as possible. And, accordingly, NWKRTC has arranged the service.

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