Karnataka government hikes Petrol and Diesel rates by 3₹

Petrol and Diesel prices in Karnataka have been hiked by at least 3₹ as the Government of Karnataka has decided to increase the Sales tax on both Petrol and Diesel.

Karnataka government has increased the sales tax of Petrol to 29.84% from 25.92% (3.92% increase). Also, the sales tax on Diesel has risen to 18.4% from 14.3% (4.1% increase).

The petrol price which was hovering below 100₹ per litre has now crossed 100₹ mark. A litre petrol now costs 102.84₹ in Karnataka (Earlier it was 99.84₹). Hike of 3₹ per litre.

Similarly, the diesel prices which was around 85.92₹ per litre has now increased to 88.94₹ per litre (an increase of 3.02₹). The changes have been made with immediate effect.

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