Hubballi Varanasi Express train extended to Banaras

South Western Railway (SWR) has decided to extend Hubballi Varanasi Express (Train number 17323/17324) from Varanasi to Banaras. The details of the same are given below.

Train number 17323 SSS Hubballi – Varanasi weekly express train will arrive/terminate at Banaras instead of Varanasi (at 8:40 AM) effective from 24th June.

Train number 17324 Varanasi – SSS Hubballi weekly express train will originate/depart from Banaras at 8:40 PM effective from 26th June.

South Western Railway (SWR) has also decided to augment additional coaches to the same train with effective from 24th June from Hubballi and 26th June from Banaras. The details of the same are as follows.

Train number 17323/17324 will be permanently augmented with 2 additional AC 3-tier coaches, 2 additional sleeper coaches, and 1 additional Pantry car.

The revised composition of the train will have 23 coaches ( 2 Seating cum Luggage rake, 1 AC 1-tier coach, 4 AC 2-tier coaches, 10 Sleeper coaches, 5 General sections, and 1 Pantry car).

Previously, the train had 18 coaches with the composition of 2 Seating cum Luggage rake (SLR), 1 AC 1-tier coach, 2 AC 2-tier coaches, 8 Sleeper coaches, and 5 General section coaches.

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