9 major circles to be redeveloped by HDMC

Hubballi Dharwad Municipal Corporation (HDMC) and Hubballi Dharwad Police have decided to develop 9 major circles in Hubballi Dharwad.

Akshay Park Circle Hubballi
Akshay Park Circle, Hubballi

5 circles in Dharwad i.e Old DSP Circle, German Hospital Circle, Saptapur Circle, Shrinagar Circle, Dasanakoppa Circle, and 4 circles in Hubballi i.e Indi Pump Circle, Bankapur Chowk Circle, Akshay Park Circle, and Sharadha Hotel Circle near New Cotton Market have been selected for the same.

The selected circles will be beautified with junction improvements along with CCTV cameras and Signals. The project will be carried out at a cost of ₹4.5 Crores.

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One thought on “9 major circles to be redeveloped by HDMC

  1. Dharwad City circles are not redeveloped still, all are in old circles only..
    This is updated on 2 1/2 years back…
    And still are not constructed……
    What are the issues ?

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